Who am I?


My name is Sven and I am a filmmaker. I life and most of the time I work, in Berlin. 

With photography as a starting point I moved closer and closer to film making. First with short experimental clips, over to journalistic formats and documentary work. In this process grew the interest more and more of producing narrative formats. 

Today I work as a freelancer with an extended network and a broad field of skills and responsibilities. 
I cover basically all fields in a production process. Starting by acquiring projects, develop concepts, to hire a team, shooting and editing. I shoot corporate videos, event films, music videos and commercials in different kinds of complexity.

I am glad you found me and my website and if you like what you see, feel free to contact me. 




My Projects



My part in this music video production for AB Syndrom where directing photography and light, and also operating one out of three cameras. In the final steps of the production I was responsible for the colorgrading.


Together with a college I covered the third type technology conference, TYPO labs. We shot a lot of interviews and the general ongoings on the conference. Parallel we shot in a fixed setting interviews with font experts. 

TYPO talks 2017

For Monotype Germany I covered with a team of four the TYPO talks conference. 
We interviewed speakers and regular attendees over the three days the conference took place. 
After the event I edited and delivered the final film. 

TYPO Labs 2017 - Interviews

I produced with a partner an after movie for the TYPO labs also at the conference we shot 15 interviews with different experts in the digital font field. This is one of them with Adam Twardoch.  

Natives - Image film

Together with a colleague I got hired to produce a corporate film for an language teaching agency called Natives. We shot interviews with members of the company in Berlin and in Bielefeld on multiple ocasions.

Sketchnote - Webinar

I was ask to produce the video part of an online class about sketch noting. I assisted Nadine Roßa in terms of sound and picture with the decision of a location to shoot at. I shot together with a colluege the video content within two days. 



How I Work


Creating an idea 

In the process of becoming a filmmaker I learned in my design study’s how to develop an idea, use creative methods to find the right approach to the message you want to provide to your audience. 
If necessary we will develop your idea into an format fitting your needs and your budget. No matter if you want to produce a web video, a commercial, a music video or a short film that communicates your brand. 

Organising and planing

One part that sometimes gets overlooked while working on an idea is the question of feasibility. You gonna have a budged which is setting the limits of what we can achieve together. Out of my past experiences I will be able to tell you early in the process which resources it needs to realise the project . Once you want to work with me I will provide all the organising tasks from hiring and paying team members to organising gear and locations. 

Finding and leading a Team 

The most projects are to complex to be handled well by only one person. Part of my way to work is to find and hire fitting personnel to bring the right team for the project. But that’s not where my responsibility ends. I also direct them in their work and provide them with a guideline through the production process. 




This is the part where all the time and work upfront pays of. The process of bringing the common idea we developed together into the real world. The way how a set looks and feels is different to every project. But one thing is always the same: The right tools for the job with the right size and kind of a team. 


After the production is done, the puzzle peaces must be put together. The post production  is something  which also should be in mind from the beginning till the end. The process contains the parts of editing the video footage, editing and optimising the sound and colorgrade the image. After that, if wanted any kind of animated elements will be added. The process varies also depending on the project.





Hey, welcome at the end of my website. Hopefully I was able to provide a overview of my work and skills. 
Feel free to contact me if you interested in working with me.