Sketchnote Webinar 


What was the task?

I was ask to produce the video part of an online class about sketch noting. I assisted Nadine Roßa in terms of sound and picture with the decision of a location to shoot at. At the first day we shot all the spoken parts and in the second day of production we filmed all the drawing that took place. 

The Setup

Preproduction was consisted of scouting the location and deciding what would be needed to get the desired result. 
On the first day of shooting we treated the room with black duvetyn to reduce the reverb and control the light spilling back from the otherwise white walls. We completely used artificial light to have consistent lighting throughout the two days of production. Using a big diffusion screen to emulate  bright soft sunlight through a window. 
For the spoken part, two cameras where used, one pointing directly at the talent, second one used to shoot from a bit of an offset. To shoot the drawings, we used a tripod with a boom arm to get the perspective from above. The second camera was operated from a shoulderrig looking from the side into the process of drawing. Sound was recorded with a lavaliere microphone. As a backup microphone we used a shotgun mic out of frame. 

Postproduction consisted of putting the drawings with the right timing on the spoken pieces, editing sound and correcting color. 

You see here the trailer for the webinar. If you want the whole contend you can buy the course here: