Typo Talks 2017


Short description 

For Monotype Germany I covered with a team of four the TYPO talks conference. We interviewed speakers and regular attendees over the three days the conference took place. After the event I edited and delivered the final film. 

Course of the Project 

Preproduction started a month prior to the conference. We discussed the format, who I and my team had to interview and what images and voices are gonna be important. 
The production itself took place over three days. A day before the conference started we prepared our "basecamp" which consisted of a data backup and editing station, a battery charging station and general equipment storage. 

We started each day with a meeting in the early morning before the attendees to the conference showed up and planned what was going to happen. Over the duration of the three days we shot around 15 interviews and captured images from all the important events on the conference.  

The process of postproduction took place over a couple of weeks. It took me a few days for the first draft and after that is was a back and forth between me and the customer until the film was finished. 

Details of production

The team consisted out of four people including me. With me I had a second camera operator and each one of us had an assistant who was in charge of holding the microphone or keeping track of the batteries and file storage. 

I had throughout the whole project different responsibilities. I was in charge of hiring a team fitting for the job, had the creative control over the project and was in charge for the accounting of the video production. 
This after movie was shot on two Blackmagic design Cinema Production cameras. The audio was recorded with a Sennheiser shotgun mic to a Zoom H4n recorder. When additional light was needed we used a 120 watts LED light with a soft box. 

Behind the scenes